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Book Dog Grooming in London for a Tidy and Healthy Dog

Keep your Husky cool in the summer months, your Poodle pert, or your Springer sprightly. Our London dog grooming service is suitable for any sized breed with any length coat. It's not just dog hairdressing either. The dog groomers also offer nail care and ear care. Keeping hair short around certain important little places will also make your day to day life with your dog far more pleasant and hygienic.

Skilled and Caring Dog Groomers

Professional Dog Groom LondonBooking our dog grooming in London is quick and easy. The process itself is carefully designed to be stress-free for your dog:

  • Your dog will be groomed at our doggie day care centre, a fun place for any dog to visit!
  • Stay while the grooming takes place, or leave your dog with us while you go and do something else.
  • The groomers are certified, caring and gentle.
  • Choose the exact service that suits you from our standard packages, or ask for a bespoke and individualised plan.
  • You may get a discount against our base prices when you combine your grooming with some other dog day care services we offer.

Find the Right Grooming Package for Your Dog

Dog Grooming - Before and After If going to a groomer is a new experience for your dog, you might choose to start with a short session that focuses on the most important jobs. Equally, we offer a full dog groom that will leave your beloved canine companion looking like the leader of the most exclusive of packs! It's up to you - the groomers will be happy to explain your options in detail and will work with you in planning the best approach for you dog. Our packages include:

The Tidy-Up: This is a great place to start with a dog that's new to grooming. We'll brush out his or her coat, clean and cut nails, and trim hair around the face, ears and sanitary area.

Tidy and Bath: You get everything that's included in the tidy up, and we'll also bathe your dog.

Bath and Brush: We'll brush your dog, clean and cut his nails, and clean his ears and eyes.

A Full Groom: This includes a bath, brush and clipping. We clean nails and cut them if needed. We also clean ears and clip the hair around them for long haired dogs. Anal cleaning may also be added to this service.

Also available:

  • Nail Trims: Protect yourself and your furniture from scratches, and keep your dog's feet in good condition. He'll enjoy his walks more too!
  • Nail Grinding: An alternative to cutting, because some dogs don't like the noise of nail clippers. Talk to the groomers to decide what will be best for your pet.
  • Ear Cleaning: The complex structure of dogs ears makes cleaning a delicate operation. We'll do it carefully and without discomfort for your dog.

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Book Your Pet Grooming in London

You'll get a free quote based on the size of your dog, the length of his hair and the service you want. Alternatively, contact us online. Either use our chat service for an instant reply, or tell us a little about your dog and the grooming you'd like done using our contact form. We'll get back to you to confirm a price and discuss a suitable time for your first session.